Dry Sausages Assortment

4 x 150 g - Limited Quantity

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Add quality to your plate with these fine nutty flavoured artisanal dry sausages made in Quebec!

With this box of 4 varied dry sausages, our butcher prepares you an assortment according to availability among these varieties: Petit ménage, Stolghino, Fenouil, Figatelli, Chorizo, Forestier.

Description of flavours

Petit ménage: saucisson traditionnel; pork, salt and pepper

Stolghino: dry sausage macerated in red wine with garlic and crushed black pepper

Fenouil: very sweet, anise flavor of fennel seed and white wine

Figatelli: spicy dry sausage (chili and cayenne) with pork offal, liver, heart and kidney. Classic of Corsica

Chorizo: spiced up with pepper, chili, cayenne and paprika. The Spanish

autumn dry sausage with a variety of mushrooms, garlic, lots of pepper and white wine


Les Cochons Tout Ronds: one of our CHICOINE clients

This 100% quebecker company is a client of CHICOINE; we are their pork supplier and, then, they design their 100% pork dry sausages pushed in natural pork casings. These raw hams are salted, dried and matured for over a year. Rich in flavours, they are also gluten-free, free from preservatives, nuts or dairy products. In addition, the pigs are raised on litter at the rhythm of nature, fed the best grains.


*Fresh product. To ensure great freshness, quantities are limited. Once received, they can be kept for 1 month – possibility of freezing them.