Our family wants to give you even more. By buying our products or recommending them to your friends, you will receive Chic Points, giving you discounts on your future orders !

With your CHICOINE account, you have many ways to accumulate Chic Points. For example, you earn one point for every dollar you spend on our products. You could also earn extra Chic Points through special offers on our website. Stay tuned!


How do I sign up to the Chic Points recognition program?

You are automatically entered into the program when you create an account on

How much is a Chic Point worth?

100 Chic Points give you a $ 5 rebate on the CHICOINE store.

How do I accumulate Chic Points ?

You can earn Chic Points in three ways :

  1. Earn a Chic Point for every dollar you spend in the store.
  2. Earn Chic Points by recommending CHICOINE to your friends.
  3. Earn extra Chic Points through special limited time offers on our website.

When are my Chic Points added to my account ?

Chic Points are added to your account after you pay for your order.

How do I use my Chic Points ?

You can use some or all of your Chic Points at the payment step when you make an order totalling over $ 70.

How can I see my Chic Point total ?

You can see your Chic Point total directly on the dashboard of your CHICOINE account. You will also see it during every transaction on your online receipt, which you will also get by email.

What is the minimum amount I need to spend to use my Chic Points ?

A minimum of $ 70 is required to use Chic Points.

Is there a maximum amount of Chic Points I can use on an order ?

The rebate given by your Chic Points must be less than or equal to the pre-tax total of your order.

Are there products that are not admissible to Chic Points ?

Unless otherwise noted on a product description, all the products sold on the CHICOINE website are admissible to the Chic Points recognition program.

Can my Chic Points be transfered to another member ?

No, Chic Points are non-transferable.

Can Chic Points be applied to taxes or shipping charges ?

No, Chic Points can only be applied to the pre-tax, pre-shipping total.

When refunding an order, will my Chic Points also be refunded ?

Yes, your Chic Points will be refunded to your account.